Deviant Excavation

by Blistering Defilement

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All music written, recorded, and mixed by Blistering Defilement.

Mastering by Ryan of Trendkill Productions.

Logo and cover art by ArpKor Design.


released June 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Blistering Defilement Florida

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Track Name: Bludgeoned Martyr
The empire of Jehova
Is now turned to dust
The rotting ghost of Yahweh
Inside his empty tomb
False prophet denied
Yearning for salvation
The scourge of man rejected
From the gates of bliss

Bludgeoned martyr
Servile son
Bludgeoned martyr
Deny his words

A crown of thorns placed upon the head of a servile son
The masochistic flagellant dies again
For nothing
Track Name: Telekinetic Dismemberment
In the body of a frail girl
Comes a beast burst from her confines
Carving chunks of flesh from enemies
Using unlocked secrets of the human mind
Her words and thoughts turned to bludgeoning instruments
Tear her jailors limb from limb
Superhuman power trapped in carnal form
A new dominion shall begin

First responders turned to liquid under
The crushing weight of gravity's course
She turns bullets to dust in the air
Or turns them back on the enemy force
Helpless security personnel are drawn and quartered
By a torrent of invisible knives
Screaming with pain, gutting without mercy
She ruthlessly claims their lives

Down here she's god

Preventative measures have failed
To contain her endless rage
Deploying her powers unknown
She'll turn us to her slaves
Track Name: Deviant Excavation
They call me the garbage man
I'm known to excavate
For putrid remains
I can consume and rape
Writhing in the offal
Of local families' waste
Buried under heaps of trash
Dead dogs I irrumate
Masturbating furiously to discarded photo albums
Deciphering information I use to hunt and stalk them
Just enough in the shots to find your family's home
Under cover of night, within your halls I roam

Creeping into your bedroom
A fiend unnoticed
Your family softly sleeping
No chance to protest

I took great joy
In her frightened eyes
Chained in the basement
Which first to sodomize

They call me the garbage man
I'm known to excavate
For putrid remains
I can consume and rape
But what they never notice
Is what I bring back home
A bag of human waste
Some flesh to call my own
Track Name: Skinned Masterpiece
Oh my graceless beauty
Please keep your body still
While I compose my landscape
Stop your screaming cunt
Your fluids drain too quick
For me to keep pace

Tearing through her ribcage to obtain
More delicate oils with which to craft
My masterpiece

Don't let the light leave your eyes yet
Shouldn't you see that your cooperation
Was all worth it in the end?

Now quiet
And lovely
Your favor

Now she's mine
Captured in time
A sleeping beauty once more
No more loneliness
You'll always stay with me
In gut and on canvas preserved